Former CIA Director John Brennan Considering Lawsuit Against Trump

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John Brennan interview. Photo: NBC News’ Meet the Press

Former CIA Director John Brennan Considering Lawsuit Against Trump

It was just a matter of time before former CIA director John Brennan would consider suing President Trump after having his security clearance revoked. A decision that if he pursues, I agree with since I always say when in doubt, let the courts work it out.

When President Trump won the 2016 election and news started to roll in on the Executive Orders President Trump was signing, my wife asked me how can the President be stopped? My answer was simple: the court system.

Regardless of what we are witnessing with President Trump, lawsuits and the Supreme Court, as an attorney, I can vouch from experience that the courts get it more right than wrong.

And while judges can be biased and do have and hold political opinions, I still believe and hope nothing changes my mind that our system of checks and balances works.

It’s not a 100% fail proof system, but it no doubt is the best legal system in the world.


In an interview this morning with NBC’s Meet the Press, John Brennan who obviously will not get bullied by President Trump, stated he was considering a lawsuit against Trump.

“It was a clear signal that if you cross him he will use whatever tools he might have at his disposal to punish you.”

-John Brennan


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