Former Trump Attorney John Dowd’s Incompetence

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President Trump and John Dowd, former attorney for the President.

Former Trump Attorney John Dowd’s Incompetence

Reports are that John Dowd, the former attorney for President Trump, failed to prepare and/or debrief at least 10 senior administration officials that met with Robert Mueller’s team. It’s incompetence that should lead to the bar revoking Dowd’s license at a maximum and legal malpractice at a minimum.

Dowd always took a nonchalant attitude towards the Robert Mueller investigation. Of course, when the President of the United States says something, you should take his word for it, but not if he is your client as an attorney and especially this President that has been proven to lie almost eight times a day!

If you are the President’s medical doctor and you want to perform medical tests on him, and the President, your patient says “I’m good. No need for any medical examinations.” Do you take his word for it or perform your medical obligations? Who cares what a client or patient says. Note to law students and rookie lawyers- most of the time- the client is either lying or playing with the facts to suit his narrative.

For much simpler matters, I’ve had clients get upset at me when I prep them. My response is always the same: if you can’t handle my questions in my office, a perfect setting, wait to opposing counsel gets you and the judge in an intimidating environment like the courtroom.

Dowd’s actions are so incompetent, that how long did it take for him to figure out maybe President Trump was lying? Dowd let White House officials speak with Robert Mueller’s team under oath and what did they get in return? Nothing! The Art of the Deal? More like a how-to never handle an impeachment/indictment of a sitting U.S. President.

According to the article by the New York Times, Dowd actually believed because him and Mueller are both veterans of the Marine Corps, that somehow that meant something. So, skip the law? Skip your obligations as an attorney to represent your client because the bond of two Marines is more powerful than the law? Marines are the first ones to say respect the law. As a general rule, military are the straightest, most law-abiding people I’ve ever met.

Of course everyone was shocked by the fact that Don McGahn, soon to be the former White House Counsel, spoke to Mueller and his team of prosecutors for more than thirty hours. This is further confirmation that the President surrounds himself with loyalists and not competence. Not even Saul Goodman would let a client speak to prosecutors without (a) him being there personally (b) preparing the witnesses.

I’ll ask again the question I’ve posted a million times on social media- you prefer a loyal surgeon when it comes to your open-heart surgery, or a competent one?

Of course, Dowd was replaced with legal mouthpiece Rudy “Gibberish” Giuliani who is also incompetent to handle this matter, but for other reasons. Then again, Giuliani has proven his loyalty to the President.

By the way, I’m not complaining. Keep surrounding yourself with incompetent people Mr. President.

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