Four Motorcycle Riders Killed in Three Days

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Tweet from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department.

Four Motorcycle Riders Killed in Three Days

Updated format August 16, 2018

Unfortunately, another motorcycle rider died in a crash over the weekend. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, it seems the bikers may not be at fault.

This past Sunday, two more motorcyclists were killed in Jacksonville. Alexander Lee Nearbin on Belfort Road and West Gate Parkway and Dillon M. Mullis on the 41000 block of Herschel Street.
The fourth victim of a motorcycle crash is Randell Boyer who crashed into a school bus that was turning left onto Camille Avenue.
Three fatalities were also involved with cars. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has reported in Duval County there has been a total of thirty-one fatalities in 2018 so far, and sixty-eight accidents in sixty-eight days.


Motorcycle riding is my passion, but safety as well. I have written extensively on the subject, have organized large Awareness Rides, even worked in the past with a Florida State Senator on texting and driving.

These accidents seemed to occur when the vehicles made a left turn in front of the motorcycles. Left turns are by far the most common way accidents occur whether in a car or motorcycle.

One thing I do when approaching an intersection is to see if any cars are considering making a left, and if so, is their line of sight blocked by the cars ahead of me and to my side?

If so, I may speed up to get even with that car or slow down, depending on the gap between us. I also do what I call the “shake and bake” which is I start moving my motorcycle from side-to-side to make the headlight more visible.

Drivers of vehicles when making a left turn, don’t usually look past the immediate car coming towards them. Thus, the second they see a gap in traffic, they believe it is safe to proceed.


As a general rule, car drivers need to be more aware of motorcycles. For one, living in Florida, we have year round motorcycle riding weather.

And as of lately, the weather the has been perfect for motorcycle riding, which mean more riders taking to the road. Even more so with Daytona Beach Bike Week upon us.

Drivers also need to focus on the task at hand. Put that phone down! I’ve said many times before, you don’t want your dentist performing a procedure on you while he is texting, so why is it any different when you are driving?

My condolences to the friends and families of the motorcycle riders.

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