FU and Your Legal Defense Funds

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Give your money to the rich, or he is an idea: spend it on yourself. Photo Credit: But That’s None of My Business

FU and Your Legal Defense Funds

You know what rich people like to do? Make money. And the best money with the best ROI- Return on Investment is someone else’s money. Don’t believe me? Go build a house, who pays for it? Go build a football stadium. Who pays for it?

Now, everyone wrapped up in President Trump’s web of corruption wants you to pay for their legal defense.

I had been practicing law full-time for nineteen years until I started focusing on writing, and with the thousands of clients I have represented, you know who paid their legal fees? They did. They didn’t set up a GoFundme account or go on tv and beg for money like a bad wig wearing tv evangelist.

First, it was Michael Cohen and his “Truth Fund.” At last count, he had a hundred thousand something in his account with a goal of half a million. The truth shall set you free, after you give him $500k.

Roger Stone hit the airwaves yesterday and said he needs money since he is next on Robert Mueller’s “Hit List.”

Michael Caputo who was crying on CNN after his interview with Robert Mueller about the costs of his legal fees, has a legal defense fund, and some of the monies has been used to pay for the attorneys of Andrew Miller, the former Roger Stone aide.

They aren’t paying for Miller’s fees because of loyalty or because they like Miller, they are paying his fees because his attorneys think they have a chance to win an unconstitutional argument on the Mueller probe and then they think they can apply that to every other person interviewed or indicted by Mueller.

Miller is a legal guinea pig and that argument has been lost multiple times.

None of these people deserve your hard-earned money and the reason is simple: it’s the cost of doing business. You want to be your own boss? Then know you need property liability insurance. Want to practice law? You need malpractice insurance. And the list goes on and on.

Hell, even President Trump has a legal defense fund. A billionaire! And by the way, how the monies from that fund are being used has already been the source of speculation. Why? Because there is no “quality control” with these funds.

Arguably, only one person deserves a legal defense fund, and that’s Stormy Daniels. My opinion is simple enough: she’s not under a criminal investigation. Granted, she did all this voluntarily, but her issues with the NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement is a civil matter. Everyone else, is involved in a criminal matter.

They made their bed, time to lie in it. And before they do, they will ask you to pay for the bed sheets and pillows.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter- @mcatty-alex



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