George Papadopoulos Accepting Bob Mueller Plea

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George Papadopoulous and his wife Simona Mangiante-Papadopoulos

George Papadopoulos Accepting Bob Mueller Plea

George Papadopoulos was the first one in President Trump’s campaign to get indicted, and now he will be accepting a plea.

Originally, his wife Simona Mangiante-Papadopoulos, was publicly stating with the media for her husband to walk away from the deal. As an attorney licensed in Italy, she should know better. She was even asking for a pro bono attorney.

George will take responsibility for some inaccuracies during the interview with the FBI.”

Papadopoulos who apparently made at least half a dozen false statements to the FBI, is lucky he is only being charged with one count. Each count is a felony with a maximum of five years in prison for each count.

Papadopolous’ actions even prevented Mueller’s team from questioning Joseph Misfud, a professor linked to Russia and the Kremlin. Misfud has left the United States and obviously, won’t be coming back.

Mueller’s prosecutors are asking that Papadopoulos be sentenced anywhere from zero to six months in prison.

“The defendant knew the questions he was asked by the FBI were important, and he knew his answers were false at the time he gave them. His lies negatively affected the FBI’s Russia investigation, and prevented the FBI from effectively identifying and confronting witnesses in a timely fashion.” Robert Mueller’s Prosecutor court filing.

Papadopoulos’ sentencing is scheduled for September 7.

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