George Papadopoulos- Loyalty to his Master

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Donald Trump, George Papadopoulos, Robert Mueller. (Photo illustration: Yahoo News; photos: Win McNamee/Getty Images, Alexandria Sheriff’s Office/Handout via Reuters, Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

George Papadopoulos- Loyalty to his Master

Attorney General Jeff Session testified before Congress in regards to meeting with President Trump’s team, Russia, and Putin. His testimony contradicts that of former Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos.

Before Congress, Sessions said he opposed the idea.

“I do now recall the March 2016 meeting at Trump Hotel that Mr. Papadopoulos attended, but I have no clear recollection of the details of what he said during that meeting.” Jeff Sessions testimony.

Notice no one ever has a recollection of anything. Selective amnesia with the entire administration.

“While some in the room rebuffed George’s offer, Mr. Trump nodded with approval and deferred to Mr. Sessions who appeared to like the idea and stated that the campaign should look into it. George’s giddiness over Mr. Trump’s recognition was prominent during the days that followed.” Court filing by Papadopoulos’ lawyers.

“George found himself personally conflicted during the interrogation as he felt obligated to assist the FBI but also wanted to distance himself and his work on the Trump campaign from that investigation,” Court filing of the sentencing memo.

 “Attempting to reconcile these competing interests, George provided information he thought was important to the investigation while, at the same time, misleading the agents about the timing, nature, and extent of his contacts with Professor [Joseph] Mifsud, Olga, and Ivan Timofeev.”

Papadopoulos’ lawyers admit that he lied to the FBI not only to protect his career ambitions in order to continue to climb up the political ladder, but also “perhaps misguided loyalty to his master.”

Sounds like the President found his patsy.

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