Got Coffee? The NRA Doesn’t

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Photo National Rifle Association coffee mug, from NRA store.

Got Coffee? The NRA Doesn’t

The NRA (National Rifle Association) has been losing money for a while now. Even per their own court pleadings, that statement is true, and Governor Cuomo of New York ending Carry Guard insurance has a lot to do with it, especially now that other states are following in Cuomo’s footsteps.

But now, the NRA has hit a new financial low: no more free coffee at its headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia per multiple media outlets, a story not denied by the gun advocacy group.

NRA membership enrollment is also down to the tune of $35 million and assets dropped from $217 to $196 million, causing the NRA to increase its membership fees.

Maybe we should send the NRA thoughts and prayers.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
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Got Money? The NRA is Broke

Everything President Trump touches turns into fool’s good. Just ask the NRA who was Trump’s biggest financial backer.

In a recent lawsuit filed by the National Rifle Association, the gun advocacy group blames the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo for their financial problems, stating they are the victims of a “blacklisting campaign” that has resulted in revenue loss. The NRA even mentioned they have lost insurance coverage.

“Insurance coverage is necessary for the NRA to continue its existence. Without general liability coverage, the NRA cannot maintain its physical premises, convene off-site meetings and events, operate educational programs … or hold rallies, conventions and assemblies.”

Even their video streaming service is at risk of shutting down.

At issue is that the NRA argues that regulations by the state of New York prevented the sale of “Carry Guard” insurance, which was an insurance policy that reimburses members for legal fees incurred for firing a gun.


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In an agreement with “Carry Guard,” a $7 million fine was paid after New York believed it provided illegal liability insurance.

The NRA says New York took it a step further by starting an anti-NRA campaign that caused other financial related industries, whether insurance companies or credit card companies such as First National Bank of Omaha, to not renew their contracts with the NRA.

“I urge companies in New York State to revisit any ties they have to the NRA and consider their reputations, and responsibility to the public.” Tweet by Governor Cuomo.

Governor Andrew Cuomo

“In New York, we won’t be intimidated by frivolous court actions from a group of lobbyists bent on chipping away at common sense gun safety laws that many responsible gun owners actually support. I am proud of my ‘F’ rating from the NRA, and I will continue to do everything I can to keep New Yorkers safe.” Governor Cuomo.

Is this a frivolous lawsuit and the NRA is going after the money because of their own misspending?

The NRA claims to have five million members and USA Today reports that the NRA averages $128 million in donations every year. Mass shootings while horrific, do increase the NRA’s coffers. It happened after the Parkland School Shooting by as much as 500% according to Salon.

The NRA no doubt may be overspending. Sixty-one million was spent on members of Congress and President Trump got $30 million. But, their financial losses are probably a combination of numerous factors.

The NRA made a fortune during the Obama administration because of fear mongering, convincing an untold amount of ignorant people that believed President Obama would take away our guns.

At the time, I was teaching college, and the majority of my students were from and continue to reside in Venezuela. These eighteen year old kids, from another country and culture, knew that was impossible under the Second Amendment. But, plenty of Americans fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Now, I started this post by blaming President Trump and while some may say what does Trump have to do with this, he has a lot to do with this.

There is no fear mongering rhetoric of losing guns and the Second Amendment with Trump. He’s made clear his support of the NRA and because of it, early into his administration, the Trump Effect took over.

Plenty of gun dealers and manufacturers such as Remington filed for bankruptcy because gun sales were down. I’ve written several posts on gun manufacturers and bankruptcy.

You also can’t ignore the influence of the students from the Parkland Shooting. From day one they gave off a vibe that change was coming.

They’ve been relentless in demanding sensible gun control and in their campaign of registering young voters for the upcoming mid-term elections. Even today they had a demonstration in front of the NRA Headquarters.

Change, a revolution if you will, doesn’t come from eighty-year olds. Historically, it comes from the young.

The students from Parkland have a voice, a powerful one, and when history is written, whether with changes in gun legislation or a Blue Wave or Tsunami, in my opinion, start with the influence of the Parkland Shooting students and their generation. They are the future, and future is here.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter- @mcatty_alex

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