Government Sexual Assault Statistics on Migrant Children in Custody

Representative Ted Deutch released statistics on allegations of sexual assault on migrant children who crossed the southern border.

The thousands of minors alleging sexual assault, 4,556 within the last four years, are the migrant children that are separated from their families.

The allegations claim this occurred while in the care of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement

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The documents were obtained from the Department of Health and Human Services and dates back to Obama’s presidency, starting in 2015. It should be noted that HHS contracts out with local shelters for the children in custody.

The documents reveal that 178 incidents of alleged sexual assaults were done by staff, the rest by the other minors in custody.

“These documents detail an environment of systemic sexual assaults by staff on unaccompanied children,” said Deutch in a House Judiciary Committee meeting Tuesday. “These documents tell us that there is a problem with adults, employees of HHS, sexually abusing children.”

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Below is a prior post where subpoenas will be issued by the House to investigate President Trump’s family separation policy.

The statistics published by Rep. Deutch can be seen below.

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It’s Raining Subpoenas, but Jim Jordan is Trying to Stop It

February 24, 2019

This upcoming week the Democrats will vote on issuing three important subpoenas. Ranking member Jim Jordan had objected (no surprise there), forcing House Democrats to take the vote.

Considering the House is controlled by Democrats, we already know the results.

Democrats will be busy this week because Michael Cohen is scheduled to testify on Tuesday, and the House Oversight Committee’s vote is on issuing subpoenas to the departments of Homeland Security, Justice, and Health and Human Services.

Democrats are looking to obtain information on the family separation issue. Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was threatened with a subpoena before the Homeland Security Committee until she agreed to appear voluntarily.

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