Happy Hour Headline News- Cybersecurity, Michael Cohen, Michelle Obama, Mueller, Avenatti

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Happy Hour Headline News- Cybersecurity, Michael Cohen, Michelle Obama, Mueller, Avenatti

Time for a drink, time to relax, time to put the day behind you and review today’s headline news.

Paris Peace Forum

French President Emmanuel Macron released an international agreement on cyber security principles that includes more than 50 nations, 130 private sector groups and 90 charitable groups and universities. Guess who didn’t sign on? The United States, Russia and China.

Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen, the former personal lawyer for President Trump who implicated Trump in court on campaign finance law violations, is back in the news. Cohen was spotted in Washington and we know why: he was there to meet with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Michelle Obama

In an interview with ABC News, Michelle Obama who is doing a book tour, had stated that at Trump’s inauguration, she even stopped trying to smile.

He’s Alive- Joseph Mifsud

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence wants to interview Joseph Mifsud, the professor linked to former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos.

Mifsud has not been seen in public since last November and Mueller’s legal team blames Papadopoulos for not being able to interview the missing professor.

While an attorney claims to have contacted Mifsud, his fiancée has stated to the media she has not seen him, so time will tell. Mifsud claimed to have “dirt” on Hillary Clinton which led to Papadopoulos meeting with him.

Senator Mitch McConnell

All those talks you hear about protecting Mueller from the Republicans, is just that, talk. Senator McConnell, by far the dirtiest Republican member of the GOP, has blocked a bipartisan push to  protect the Special Counsel.

In return, Senator Jeff Flake on the Senate floor said he would not vote on any appointments on the federal bench if his bill is not heard.

Republicans keep arguing Mueller isn’t going to be fired, so no need for the bill. Common sense: if he is not going to be fired, then there is no harm in signing the bill.

Michael Avenatti

Michael Avenatti, attorney for Stormy Daniels, has been arrested for domestic violence. While the internet is saying it’s his wife, it’s not.

If Avenatti did it, he will get whatever the justice system believes he deserves. I just enjoy the hypocrisy like always. Wasn’t Brett Kavanaugh innocent to proven guilty and I saw all those memes saying “guilty to proven innocent” by the far right? Funny how that doesn’t apply to Avenatti. And, let’s not forget, we have a President recorded saying he commits sexual assault.

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