Happy Hour Headline News- Dr. Ford & Kavanaugh

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First time I bring out the Scotch for Happy Hour News. That says alot!

Happy Hour Headline News- Dr. Ford & Kavanaugh

It’s time for Happy Hour Headline News. You might need, actually, I guarantee you will need more than one drink tonight, and if you want to spike your coffee at work, I promise I won’t tell anyone because the next twenty-four hours will be interesting.

Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Accuser #1

Tomorrow, Dr. Ford will have the opportunity to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding her allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The Judiciary Committee will vote to confirm Kavanaugh the next day. Of course, no other witnesses will questioned tomorrow.

Accuser #2- Deborah Ramirez

Victim #2 two, Deborah Ramirez, has spoken out publicly saying that when she passed out from playing a drinking game and came to, Kavanaugh had his penis in her face.

Accuser #3- Julie Swetnick

A third victim came forward today as promised by her attorney, Michael Avenatti. Swetnick by far makes the most salacious allegations by saying that Kavanaugh was at parties where gang rapes were taking place.

Sex Crimes Prosecutor

Rachel Mitchell is a sex crimes prosecutor from Arizona that has been appointed by Republicans to ask questions to Dr. Ford. I’ve posted said this many times before on social media: the Republicans are playing L.A. Law. For those younger than me, that was a hit-show back in the day.

Is a black defendant accused of rape? Hire a white female attorney. Is the white Defendant being accused of racism? Hire a black lawyer.

Kavanaugh hired a female attorney and now so has the Republicans as they understand the optics of having rich, white, old men asking questions to a victim of sexual assault.

President Trump

Of course, in Trump World all this is false accusations and he points the finger to Michael Avenatti calling him a “low-life.” Trump is sticking to Kavanaugh but, actually hinted in his press conference that he is willing to pull the plug on Kavanaugh.

President Trump always does the same thing. His modus operandi is stick to the story and attack all, but then provide an opening just in case so if it all goes wrong, he can always say, “well, I did say—” and then blame everyone else and fail to take responsibility for his actions.

Make sure to have plenty of coffee on hand tomorrow.

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