Happy Hour Headline News- Nikki Haley, Ivanka, Hurricane Michael

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Today’s drink- the Hurricane.

Happy Hour Headline News- Nikki Haley, Ivanka, and Hurricane Michael

Got your drink in hand? Ok then. Let’s review today’s headlines while you were offline.

Nikki Haley

President Trump’s pick as the Ambassador to the United Nations submitted her resignation today. No word yet on why, but she will remain in the post until the end of the year.

Who will replace Haley, we don’t know yet, even though President Trump said his daughter Ivanka is the most qualified person in the world. Luckily, Ivanka Trump tweeted it would not be her. Thank God.


Court is Now in Session

Today was the first day on the job for Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. Cases were on the docket, and the first case of the day was regarding repeat offenders and the sentencing law.  Kavanaugh was active with his questioning of attorneys.

Hurricane Michael is Coming

Hurricane Michael is expected to make landfall somewhere on the Florida panhandle tomorrow. Originally, I had posted it was headed my way, but the hurricane has continued to shift left. For those of you that are in the targeted areas, plus heed all warnings. Now is not the time to be stubborn.

The latest updates on Hurricane Michael have twenty Florida counties on the coast under evacuation. Currently, winds have been clocked consistently at 110 miles per hour.

The Taylor Swift Effect

According to Vote.org, since Taylor Swift spoke out politically for the first time in her career and stated she is voting for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, more than 100,000 new voter registrations were completed.

Hillary Clinton

Clinton told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that Kavanaugh’s swearing in was more like a rally for the President. Clinton also criticized President Trump for mocking Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

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October 4, 2018

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Happy Hour News-Cyber Attacks and Traveling with Mary Jane

  • Parkland Shooting may have resulted in city no longer having gun shows at War Memorial Auditorium.
  • Maryland has signed three new gun laws.
  • Russia attacked us or China?
  • The FBI Investigation on Brett Kavanaugh is over.
  • Weed at LAX is okay!


October 3, 2018

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Happy Hour News- Trump Attacks Dr. Ford, Trump’s Tax Returns, Sarah Sanders

  • President Trump attacks sexual assault victim Dr. Blasey Ford at a rally in Mississippi
  • Donald Trump, Jr., smh…. Per his own words, conservatives can drink beer and liberals can do cocaine
  • Is the GOP hiding prior FBI investigations into Brett Kavanaugh
  • The ALCU drops $1 million on anti-Kavanaugh campaigns
  • President Trump skipped out on his inheritance taxes and New York City wants its money
  • Guess what happened today- a White House Press Briefing that was nothing but lies from Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  • Did you get the President Alert today?

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