Happy Hour News-Cyber Attacks and Traveling with Mary Jane

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Enjoy happy hour today, which includes beer infused with marijuana.

Happy Hour News-Cyber Attacks and Traveling with Mary Jane

It’s time to put the day behind us, share a couple of drinks, and go over today’s headline news.

Parkland Mass Shooting

Just under thirty miles from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School located in Parkland, Florida where the mass shooting took place earlier this year, is the War Memorial Auditorium. I was there years ago for the gun show, but that may have been my last visit.

The city of Fort Lauderdale is not extending its contract and now, the Florida Gun Show has filed a lawsuit against the city, arguing their First Amendment rights are being violated.

If the contract expired and the city decided not to renew it, that case won’t go anywhere.

Maryland Gun Laws

Governor Larry Hogan signed three new gun legislation laws in Maryland.

  1. A ban on bump stocks.
  2. The Red Flag Law which allows medical professionals, family members, and law enforcement officers to restrict firearms from those who are deemed to be a risk to themselves or to others.
  3. Those convicted for domestic violence will lose their right to be in possession of guns, regardless of the fact the conviction was after they owned their guns.

Russia Cyber Attacks

Seven indictments were handed down by the Department of Justice and Robert Mueller had already indicted three of those in the indictment. Yet, President Trump who is BFF with Vladimir Putin, is now blaming China for election meddling and Vice President Mike Pence is echoing those words.

Brett Kavanaugh FBI Investigation

Republicans say the FBI report was “thorough” and they are ready to vote. Democrats say the complete opposite. Now, the question remains how the on-the-fence Republicans such as Jeff Flake from Arizona will vote.

Protests are already taking place before the Capitol Building.

Don’t Hide Your Weed in California

LAX- Los Angeles International Airport, will allow you to travel through the airport with 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrated marijuana under the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. However, be careful what state you are travelling to and know their laws on marijuana.

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