Happy Hour News, Ford & Kavanaugh Testimony

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It’s safe to say we all need some good ol’ American beer after today’s hearing with Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh.

Happy Hour News, Ford & Kavanaugh Testimony

Beer. Beer. Beer. I have no idea how many times Judge Kavanaugh said “I like beer,” and since I do too, today’s happy hour drink no doubt is… beer.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Dr. Ford gave a very emotional opening statement and no doubt she was very credible. It was reported many in the Senate room were wiping away their tears.

Throughout her testimony, many times she agreed to help in anyway possible and that included being investigated by the FBI.

Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Judge Kavanaugh came out fighting. At times he paused to hold back tears and emotions, and at other times he spoke with anger and was combative with Democrats, especially when he asked Senator Amy Klobuchar if she has passed out from drinking. Senator Klobuchar’s father is a recovering alcoholic.

Kavanaugh was asked numerous times on having the FBI investigate the allegations, but he never agreed to it, other than to say the FBI doesn’t reach conclusions. Of course not, that’s what judges, juries, and the Senate Judiciary Committee in this case is responsible for.

Oddly enough, in the most partisan confirmation hearing in U.S. History, Kavanaugh even pointed his finger to the Clintons as a revenge plot with Democrats because they are upset that they lost the 2016 Presidential elections. Yes, we have a Supreme Court Justice who believes in QAnon and Deep State theories.

The country needs a drink after this. What remains to be seen if a vote will be put forward tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. as it is scheduled. As of 8:33 p.m. eastern standard time, CNN is reporting Republicans are going forward.

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