Happy Hour News- Sanctuary Cities & Ted Cruz Is Still an Idiot

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From what I found online- this is what the great state of Texas likes for beer Atrial Rubicite from Jester’s Brewery.

Happy Hour News- Sanctuary Cities & Ted Cruz Is Still an Idiot

Need a drink? Me too since happy hour started two hours late for me. So what’s your favorite drink after a long day of work?

Today, I’m focusing on Texas and a quick search online I came across multiple articles that read Atrial Rubicite is what they like in Texas, so cheers. Now, let’s get to today’s headline news.


Victory for Sanctuary Cities

Federal Judge Manuel Real of Los Angeles got real with Jeff Sessions and ruled that the federal government cannot withhold a $1 million plus in law enforcement funds because L.A. declared itself a sanctuary city.

This is an argument the Trump administration keeps losing over and over again. From day one myself and every attorney I know and saw on tv agreed that this was a constitutional argument sure to fail. #MAGA is all I can say.


Because Senator Ted Cruz is an Idiot

If Senator Cruz keeps speaking nonsense, I feel obligated to mention him. What did the used car salesman say now? That Beto O’Rourke would ban BBQ’S if he was elected. Huh? We know Texans love BBQ’s so more gibberish from Cruz. We already know Cruz has a problem with dyed hair (his wife’s hair is dyed), fake boobs (don’t know why), and tofu (his wife is vegan).


Georgia Ain’t Old School

What’s wrong with old school? Nothing when you are, but in Georgia, old school and counting votes for the mid-term elections just don’t mix.

A lawsuit had been filed in order to switch the elections to paper ballots, but the Judge’s ruling said there wasn’t enough time for the switch. The screens used at the voting booths are sixteen years old. Isn’t that old school?


Got Trade War

Thanks for the Great Depression that is just over the horizon, Mr. President. Just so you know, world economics has nothing to do with building a hotel.

China slaps the U.S. with $60 billion in tariffs on over 5,000 products. I hope you are ready to pay more for whatever you’re buying, courtesy of the U.S. Government and President Trump.

Drink up. You’ll need to if you want to survive this administration.

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