Happy Hour News- Trump Attacks Dr. Ford, Trump’s Tax Returns, Sarah Sanders

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Time for Happy Hour and today’s headline news.

Happy Hour News- Trump Attacks Dr. Ford, Trump’s Tax Returns, Sarah Sanders

I started my first beer, Heineken of course, so grab your favorite adult beverage and let’s go over today’s headline news.

Trump Attacking Dr. Blasey Ford

Just like everything else President Trump fails at, insulting and mocking Dr. Ford is yet another one in a long list of failures that extends from the White House to North Korea. Even Republicans have spoken out against Trump’s attacks.

At a rally in Mississippi, President Donald Trump mocked Dr. Ford and of course, the cult followers started chanting “we want Kavanaugh” because you know what is funny? Sexual assault by a Judge in a drunken stupor who is in line for the highest bench in the country. Hilarious. Only a coward would do that.

You know who is brave? Dr. Ford, Deborah Ramirez, Julie Swetnick, and women everywhere that come out and tell their story.

And for those of you that find it hilarious, I’m sure if it happens to your daughter you’ll be laughing all day. It’s called empathy. Google it.

Donald Trump, Jr.

Of course, Donald Trump, Jr., aka… mini-me, said yesterday before an audience that “conservatives can’t drink beer, but liberals can do cocaine and became POTUS.”

I have no idea what he is talking about since to my knowledge, it was President Bush that was rumored to do cocaine, but regardless, you can have sex with porn stars, pay for it, cheat on your taxes, lie 8 times a day, and still become POTUS.

GOP Hiding Something on Brett Kavanaugh

So, the GOP says nothing every discovered in Kavanaugh’s background. Stop right there. According to Democrats, there are past backgrounds checks that didn’t reveal the allegations of sexual assault. I keep saying there is a cover up with the Republicans, President Trump, and Kavanaugh.

ACLU Opens Their Checkbooks

By any standards, a million dollars is a lot of money, and that is what the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is spending on campaign ads against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

New York City Wants Trump’s Money

After the New York Times article that President Trump, along with his father Fred Trump, skipped on paying hundreds of millions of dollars in inheritance taxes, well, New York City wants its money.

Because of statute of limitations, we can stop dreaming about Trump going to jail for not paying his taxes, but civil penalties aren’t applicable. So, you can bet your last dollar that you didn’t report to the IRS, that they will be coming after President Trump.

But even better, not only lawsuits pending against President Trump for violation of the Emoluments Clause will result in Trump having to release his taxes, so will this lawsuit by the city of New York.

She’s Back- Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Back in the day, there was this thing called the daily White House Press Briefings. Now, it’s once a month and today was that day that Sanders showed up. Of course, it was nothing by lies as she continued to defend President Trump regarding his statements of Dr. Ford where Sanders kept repeating over and over again that President Trump was just stating facts.

Note to Sanders- when you meet your maker, you will have lots of explaining to do.

Presidential Alert

Today, we all received a text message from President Trump at 2:18 p.m. But, you weren’t alone. Tiffany Trump received it as well and she was happy to receive her first text message from her father.

No wonder we drink. Have a good night. See you tomorrow morning.

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