Happy Hour, Serial Killer Border Patrol Agent, Brett Kavanaugh

christine blasey ford, brett kavanaugh sexual accusation, michael flynn, space force
It’s Monday Happy Hour News- perfect time for a drink.

Happy Hour, Serial Killer Border Patrol Agent, Brett Kavanaugh

Yeah, I need a drink, actually more. It’s Monday, what did you expect? So, flip the cap off the bottle of beer or fill that glass of wine, and let’s review what is happening in today’s news cycle.


Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford

There’s no hiding this time and there’s no running away for Republicans who have tried harder than anything else to get another conservative Justice on the Supreme Court.

But, Democrats have fought back and considering the credibility of Ford, we might end up with public hearings on Kavanaugh and the sexual assault accusations. One question: you think more victims will show up?


Sexual Harassment Protest McDonald’s

Ten cities in the United States will have workers at McDonald’s restaurants that will strike tomorrow in order to bring attention to sexual harassment.


Serial Killer Border Patrol Agent

A Border Patrol agent has been arrested on charges of kidnapping but is also a serial killer. He was arrested in Webb County, Texas and while in custody, Juan Ortiz confessed to killing four women.


Michael Flynn

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is scheduled to be sentenced in November. Considering how many times Flynn’s sentencing hearings have been rescheduled, it could be a sign that he wasn’t done providing information to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


Trump’s Space Force

Right now I just rolled my eyes as I typed “Space Force.” The projected cost? $13 billion in five years. Tack on $25 billion for the border wall and I.C.E. asking for an additional $1 billion in funding, hundreds of millions in personal travel by the President to his golf courses and yet, federal employees can’t get a measly two-percent raise.

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