Happy Hour & Today’s Headline News- Khashoggi Cover Up & Pipe Bombs

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My happy hour drink of choice today is red wine Salud!

Happy Hour & Today’s Headline News- Khashoggi Cover Up & Pipe Bombs

With the weather cooling down, I’m glad I’m no longer in Miami so I can enjoy the temperature in the sixties tonight. So, today for happy hour I’m skipping the beer and having red wine instead. Fill your glass up and let’s review today’s headline news.

Worst Cover Up

President Trump is finally coming to grips with the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi, calling it “the worst cover-up ever.”

“They had a very bad original concept. It was carried out poorly and the cover-up was one of the worst cover-ups in the history of cover-ups. Very simple. Bad deal, should have never been thought of. Somebody really messed up.”


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President Trump Still Being Played for a Fool

Only President Trump believes the Saudi’s version of the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.


The Tide is Turning on President Trump

How many of President Trump’s lawyers are turning on him? The latest? Ty Cobb.

Former White House lawyer Ty Cobb said he doesn’t buy Trump’s claim that the ongoing special counsel investigation by Robert Mueller is a “witch hunt.” Cobb told CNN’s Citizen Conference in New York, “Bob Mueller is an American hero in my view.”

Last But not Least

The news cycle has focused all day on the mail bombs received by top government officials.

While no one has been injured, pipe bombs were mailed to President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton at their home in Chappaqua, New York. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz at her office in Sunrise, Florida. Former Attorney General Eric Holden. Former CIA Director John Brennan had a pipe bomb mailed to him at CNN Time Warner and President Barack Obama at his home in Washington.

Governor Andrew Cuomo was notified his office received a suspicious package while giving his press briefing. And latest reports also have Rep. Maxine Waters receiving a suspicious package at her office in California.

The first one to receive a mail bomb was George Soros, but that package was left at his home.

After President Trump giving the most hypocritical speech of his term so far calling for everyone to unify and denouncing violence, Trump his headed for his scheduled campaign rally tonight in Wisconsin.


Now actor Robert DeNiro has received a suspicious package. As we all know, DeNiro has been very vocal against Trump from saying he would like to punch him in the face, wouldn’t allow him to eat at his restaurants, and during a speech said F### Trump.


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The Hypocrisy of Trump, Supporters- Mob Rule and Bomb Threats

Suspicious packages and pipe bombs have been mailed to at least five persons that are known adversaries to President Trump.


Will Trump promote violence again? Tonight, I would be surprised, but give him a day or two.

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President Trump Gets Played Again- This Time by Saudi Arabia

President Trump is being played by the Saudis and continues to go on the record defending them.


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There Will be Blood on President Trump’s Hands

There is no doubt a reporter will be seriously injured, killed, maybe even a mass shooting. And the blood of those victims will be on President Trump’s hands.


October 19, 2018

Happy Hour Headlines- Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, Beer Ain’t Cheap

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  • Irony- Michael Cohen wants you to get out and vote.
  • Paul Manafort appears in court by being wheeled into court in a wheelchair.
  • Beat up a journalist? Trump has your support for Congress.
  • The cost of beer is going to go up due to climate change.
  • Like beer? Well, in two Florida counties destroyed by Hurricane Michael you can’t have any because government officials say your priorities should be the hurricane not drinking. Welcome to Communist Florida.

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