Happy Hour – Today’s News

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Enjoy your drink my friends.

Happy Hour – Today’s News

Always an exciting day in Washington. No wonder we need a drink. Lot’s happened today- so grab your drink, I’m going with Heineken, and let’s relax with alcohol and news because it is five o’clock somewhere.



John McCain Funeral Service

No doubt, the story of the day is John McCain leaving his adopted state of Arizona for the last time. McCain is en-route to Washington, D.C. where he will lie in state in the Capitol Building until he is buried next to best friend Chuck Larson at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.


Jeff Sessions

Our embattled and abused Attorney General is hanging by a string with President Trump who desperately wants to get rid of him.

We know the President is going to fire him, but in an interview today with Bloomberg, Trump made clear that Sessions is safe until after the mid-term elections.

He also said, of course, that the Robert Mueller investigation is an “illegal investigation.”


Hispanic U.S. Citizens Being Deported

Challenging the constitutionality of deporting citizens, due process, and human decency, President Trump’s administration is not renewing or revoking passports of Hispanics that live along the Mexican border, claiming they obtained passports fraudulently.


Michael Cohen and President Trump

Cohen and Trump had the brilliant idea during the 2016 presidential campaign to buy all the negative stories that the National Enquirer had, meaning David Pecker, on President Trump going back several decades.


While the Nation Mourns

Being the red-headed step-child at the family picnic is never fun, and that’s why while John McCain’s body is being flown to Washington, D.C. is exactly why Petty President Trump is out the door.

President Trump is on the way to Indiana for a campaign rally.

See why we need to drink? Have a good one and be safe.

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