History Repeats Itself with White House Counsel Don McGahn

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President Trump, White House Counsel Don McGahn, and White House Aide Stephen Miller. Photograph by Al Drago / NYT / Redux

History Repeats itself with White House Counsel Don McGahn

So now we know that White House Counsel Don McGahn has met with Special Counsel Robert Mueller three times totaling thirty hours. What does that mean? Has McGahn flipped on the President and now we have a second attorney along with Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal attorney who might have as well?

ABC News reported that President Trump and McGahn have a “frayed relationship.” That would be expected as it was reported in the past that McGahn threatened to quit the administration if President Trump fired Robert Mueller.

Of course, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said the President and McGahn “have a great relationship” which means they don’t. The only person that lies more than President Trump is Sanders.

McGahn’s interviews focused on the issue of obstruction of justice and President Trump. Here’s my take and remember, at the end of the day, it’s always about self-preservation.

If you come to my office and tell me last week you were involved in the sale of drugs, as your attorney, I’m bound my attorney-client privilege. Nothing I can do about that.

However, legally and ethically, if you tell me you will now start selling drugs, I’m supposed to report you to law enforcement. Attorney-client privilege covers past acts, not future crimes. Which means, I am now a co-conspirator with you. That’s the Mueller angle.

History Repeating Itself

John Dean was the former White House Counsel for President Richard Nixon, as is McGahn. Dean was considered to be the mastermind behind the Watergate break-in and the subsequent cover up. When it became obvious to Dean that Nixon would point the finger at him for Watergate, Dean flipped.

That means McGahn is getting the sense that President Trump will throw him under the bus as he has to so many already. And remember, any future acts of obstruction of justice that the President was going to commit is not covered by attorney-client privilege, so Mueller may have now even further details on those in Trump’s inner circle.

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