House Republicans’ Sham Investigation into Hillary Clinton- a Whimper

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Fric and Frac- Trey Gowdy and Bob Goodlatte come up empty handed.

House Republicans’ Sham Investigation into Hillary Clinton- a Whimper

You didn’t really expect to find a smocking gun with House Republicans’ sham investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and server did you?

I still remember Trey Gowdy the House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman with his ridiculous tough guy words of “finish it the hell up” when it came to Mueller’s report. No wonder he is leaving and heading back home with his tail between his legs. He knew where this was going from the get-go.

I’d get into Ben Ghazi and how long he took to investigate Hillary Clinton, but why bother. He turned up another goose egg. He’s a disgrace to the House and partisan politics and if anything, it shows you that with egg on his face already, he was looking to bring Hillary down one way or another to justify his incompetence.

Next on the list of running home with his tail between his legs is Bob Goodlatte who is the House Judiciary Chairman. It’s no coincidence that Goodlatte and Gowdy are riding off into the sunset together and release their findings days before the year ends and Democrats take over.

Funny, in another moment of hypocrisy which has become the norm with Republicans, conveniently so, everybody was in a rush to end the Mueller probe but the sham Hillary investigation?

The best House Republicans could do was write a six page letter saying there was “seemingly disparate treatment” and they want another special counsel appointed to investigate the matter. Why? Didn’t their investigation reveal anything? It revealed their partisanship, that’s about it. Let’s go back in time. There was “seemingly disparate treatment.”

Former FBI Director James Comey breaking from tradition and protocol, ten days before the presidential election, says the FBI is reopening its investigation into Hillary, yet, there was never any mention of President Trump being investigated for months for his communications with Russia.

That incompetent move arguably lost the election for Clinton and the Democrats, yet Goodlatte and Gowdy will have you believe otherwise. They have no facts, but in today’s world of partisan politics, facts aren’t a requirement anymore.

Of course, Republicans have it out for former FBI agent Peter Strzok and his anti-Trump texts to his lover Lisa Paige, ignoring the fact how the chain of command works.

Strzok is one guy. That’s it. He doesn’t run the FBI nor control everyone in it and involved in the investigation. But, if you want to believe conspiracies and the spooky deep state, you will believe that Strozk has convinced and manipulated dozens and dozens of agents and investigators. Sounds great for a movie, but it’s not real life.

Let’s go back to the beginning of this post: Republicans sent a letter, NOT a report. Why? Because there was nothing to report.

The best they could do is average out 3 pages per year in their investigation. It’s not only pathetic, it was an enormous waste of tax payer money, time, and energy. Republicans could have been doing something more productive, but in their hate for Hillary, they did this instead.

Ever sit back and wonder how come if Hillary is the amazing criminal mastermind that she appears to be, then why can’t she win a presidential election?

Things that make you go hmm…

Of course, there is also the report by the Justice Department’s own internal watchdog that concluded there was ZERO evidence of James Comey or the FBI of being politically biased toward either candidate. Imagine that. Facts are scary as hell to Republicans and Trump supporters, so it’s easier to distract and deflect.

House leader in two days Adam Schiff said it best in a tweet:

This is how the House Republican effort to undermine Mueller by “investigating the investigators” ends. Not with a bang, but with a Friday, buried-in-the-holidays whimper, and one foot out the door. “

Gowdy’s and Goodlatte’s letter of incompetence could be seen below.

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