How Close is Robert Mueller- Very!

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President Donald Trump – Russia graphic by MGN.

How Close is Robert Mueller- Very!

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is either close, or Rudy Giuliani and President Trump think he is close. And while we are several steps behind Mueller and his legal team, you only have to look to the President, more specifically, Giuliani to know how close Mueller is.


In yesterday’s blog, I focused on the fact that Giuliani always tries to be one step ahead of the game and is employing a beat them to the punch strategy. It’s legal and political chess. Know your opponent’s next move. Today, we see further proof of that. 


Whether it is Giuliani or another member of President Trump’s team, they realized they dropped the political football YUGELY with the Trump Tower meeting. The stories of that meeting has changed more than the weather and will come back to haunt Trump.


Realizing the optics of the Trump Tower meeting will only hurt the President and in all likelihood, that it will be proven through the subpoenaing of Don Jr.’s phone records that President Trump knew in advance of the meeting, there is only one way to counteract this argument; argue that it is not illegal to collude with Russia. But, like I have said before, that is a red herring and the answer is not black and white.


In my law school criminal law class, I was taught that when the facts are not on your side, argue the law. When the law is not on your side, argue the facts. If neither, get on your knees and pray.


Giuliani and President Trump have the law on their side and the catchy phrase “collusion is not a crime.” At this point, you are seeing another shift in strategy, and that is don’t argue the facts, just argue the law is on your side.


Remember, facts are irrelevant with this administration and alternative facts are acceptable. The President did nothing wrong and he is not educated in the ways of politics, that’s why America voted for him in the first place approach. Forget the fact that Paul Manafort was at Trump Tower, a lawyer and expert on the law and campaigns.


Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex


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