How Much Does a Bankruptcy Attorney Cost


How much is bankruptcy going to cost is on the mind of everyone considering filing for bankruptcy. And while the answer is “depends,” I do have good news.

Most attorneys in the Middle District of Florida from what clients tell me charge as high as $2,500 for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. My experience is that most charge between $1,800 – $2,200 and require approximately a $500 deposit.

Having represented thousands of clients in my 20 years of practicing law, I understand the old saying of “I’m too broke to file for bankruptcy.” As a result, I typically charge clients much less with my fees starting at $1,200, filing fees included for the simplest of bankruptcy cases.

I also offer “No Money Down” to start your case and extended payment plans, typically between 3 – 6 months. The first consultation is always free.

So, if you are considering filing for bankruptcy, contact me and schedule your free consultation. Saturday appointments are also available.

Attorney Alex Hernandez

Representing clients in the areas of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Family Law/Divorce, and car and motorcycle accidents for 20 years. (904) 712-5565 or (305)-688-LAWS (5297). *Se Habla Español

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