How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Cost

Per a new study by, the costs of getting a divorce and attorney’s fees were calculated.

Below are the twenty most expensive states.

20. Nevada

  • Average divorce filing fee: $225
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $10,800

19. Arizona

  • Average divorce filing fee: $256
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $10,300

After you file for divorce in Arizona, there’s a 60-day “cooling off” period before it can be finalized.

18. Georgia

  • Average divorce filing fee: $200
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $11,600

17. Delaware

  • Average divorce filing fee: $155
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $12,800

If you want to get a divorce in Delaware and you’re a mom or dad, you’re required to take a parent education class. The divorce won’t be processed until you obtain a certificate of completion. Florida is the same.

16. Colorado

  • Average divorce filing fee: $230
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $11,400

15. Pennsylvania

  • Average divorce filing fee: $250
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $11,300

14. Massachusetts

  • Average divorce filing fee: $200
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $12,600

13. Louisiana

  • Average divorce filing fee: $325
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $10,000

In Louisiana, spouses who have minor children must live apart for a full year before a divorce will be granted, according to The exceptions to this rule are if a spouse committed adultery or a felony.

12. Oregon

  • Average divorce filing fee: $325
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $10,000

11. Illinois

  • Average divorce filing fee: $289
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $10,900

Illinois couples who have been married for less than eight years and don’t have children might qualify for a “joint simplified dissolution of marriage,” which is easier to obtain than a traditional divorce. Couples who choose this method must meet income requirements and sign an agreement to divide their marital assets.

10. District of Columbia

  • Average divorce filing fee: $120
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $14,800

Be ready to pay your divorce lawyer big bucks if you split in Washington, D.C. The capital city has the highest average divorce attorney’s fees in the U.S.

9. Utah

  • Average divorce filing fee: $320
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $10,400

Beware if you live in Utah and work as a logistician — it’s one of the careers that are most likely to lead to a divorce.

8. Washington

  • Average divorce filing fee: $314
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $10,600

7. Minnesota

  • Average divorce filing fee: $405
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $9,000

6. New York

  • Average divorce filing fee: $210
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $13,500

5. New Jersey

  • Average divorce filing fee: $300
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $12,300

New Jersey is one of the states that accept “no-fault” divorces, in which neither spouse has to prove that the other is responsible for causing the marriage to end. No-fault divorces can be granted on the basis of separation or irreconcilable differences.

4. Texas

  • Average divorce filing fee: $300
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $12,400

If you’re filing for divorce in Texas, you’re one of many. According to Texas Legal, 75,000 people in the Lone Star State get divorced each year.

3. Florida

  • Average divorce filing fee: $380
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $10,700

2. Connecticut

  • Average divorce filing fee: $360
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $12,200

Connecticut is one of the few states that don’t differentiate between marital and separate property when dividing assets, according to Legal Zoom, so keep that in mind when filing for divorce. It means that even if you bought a house before you were married, your spouse might still be entitled to a portion of its value.

1. California

  • Average divorce filing fee: $435
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $13,800

Overall, California is the most expensive state to file for divorce. The Golden State has the highest average divorce filing fee and the second-highest average divorce attorney’s fees of all the states.

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