How Petty is President Trump

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Petty President Trump and War Hero John McCain

How Petty is President Trump

The headline of this post sounds like the beginning of an old skit from the Johnny Carson Show. How petty is Donald Trump? He’s so petty that…

The Washington Post wrote an article today that initially, President Trump was going to write a statement praising John McCain, however, Petty President Trump decided on a tweet instead. But, we already know that President Trump, the draft dodging President doesn’t consider John McCain a war hero because “he was caught.”

This is the President that claims to support the military by insulting every member of the military that has been a POW, KIA, or MIA? How many trips has President Trump taken over seas to visit our military troops? Zero. How many golf trips? I’ve lost count. Life is about priorities and we know what the President’s priorities are: free golf trips to his properties on the tax payers’ dime.

Fact is, President Trump doesn’t have the cojones to visit the troops. President Trump is a disgrace and that’s putting it lightly.

Today, while listening to the news in my car, I heard once again that interview by President Trump insulting McCain, and the more I hear it, the more offensive it gets.

So, instead of a statement in an honor of a great American, the President tweeted:

“My deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of Senator John McCain. Our hearts and prayers are with you!”

Any statement on John McCain himself? None.

But, President Trump is working hard at trying to get the last word in, punch, or laugh, whichever of three if not all three, as he continues with his juvenilish temper tantrum since it no doubt must be eating him up inside that McCain is being mourned by the nation and the world is paying its respect.

But, Petty President Trump isn’t done.

The American flag is already flying at full staff even though standard practice is to have the flag at half-staff till the day of McCain’s interment.

I look forward to the Democrats taking over Congress after the mid-term elections and passing a bill that makes John McCain’s birthday a National Holiday and President Trump’s date of impeachment, too.

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