How Screwed Up is Trump’s Presidency


Okay, I know the title of this post could result in writing more than an encyclopedia’s worth of information, but seriously, it only gets worse every day and as I keep saying, the United States is the punch line to the joke.

This story has been circulating for a while, but now the New York Times wrote that the FBI did in fact start a formal inquiry to determine if President Trump had been working for Russia. Thus, two inquiries were opened against Trump.

Before Special Counsel Robert Mueller started his investigation, former FBI Director James Comey was fired.

As we know through Comey’s statements to the media and testifying before Congress, President Trump cleared out the room and asked him to ignore Michael Flynn’s treasonous act.

“I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job. I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.” President Trump’s statement to Russian officials in the White House.

Now, if you are a Trump supporter and are saying so what, don’t forget the day after Comey was fired, what does President Trump do? He invites Russians into the White House and the only reason we know that is because Russia released the photographs because President Trump made sure nobody else from his administration was present in the room nor notes taken.

And then you wonder why the FBI started an investigation? If the FBI didn’t, they would be derelict in their duties as the nation’s top law enforcement agency.

But, why stop there. You have the Trump Tower meeting where Trump said he was going to release “dirt” on Hillary Clinton which is the same terminology that Don, Jr. received via DM in Twitter. Those present?

Michal Flynn who is cooperating with Special Counsel Mueller and President Trump’s former National Security Adviser.

Paul Manafort was also present and per his own attorney’s pleadings, was providing polling data to Russians. Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager.

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And the Russian lawyer present at the meeting was just indicted- but there’s “no collusion,” right?

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The U.S. Senate released their report confirming that Russia meddled in our elections. Still think nothing to see here?

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Want more? Trump campaign officials have had 101 separate contacts with the Russians.

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Okay, maybe that is still not enough. Fine. The day after Trump said at a rally that he “loved WikiLeaks” and asked for the release of Hillary Clinton’s emails, what happens? Her emails are released!

We are witnessing in real-time the most corrupt Presidency this country has ever seen and unfortunately, the negative affects will last years, if not decades as the country remains divided.

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