How Trump Increases Immigration Crime

As we have heard over and over again, the border wall is a fabricated crisis. But, in order to support his position that illegals are criminals, Trump has to find a way to increase crime. One way he has done that is by making certain crimes deportable, if not everything.

Senator Bob Menendez in his CNN interview mentioned just that. Now, driving under the influence is one of those crimes.

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When working on a plea deal, clients have to sign what we call a “rights waiver form.” It’s a laundry list of rights that a client is waiving because they are accepting a plea.

Part of that includes wording that certain crimes could lead to deportation. Judges have always made clear that DUIs do not lead to deportation, but not anymore.

At issue as part of the negotiations between Democrats and Republicans for funding the government, includes the amount of beds that ICE has. Democrats refuse to provide additional funding for ICE as they already passed their budget. Why does ICE need more beds? Because of the “increase in crime.”

As has been done before, President Trump will just reallocate funding from another agency to ICE, which even Puerto Rico has threatened to sue if that happens as Trump wants to shift the funding for Hurricane Maria towards his wall that is not a wall but he keeps calling it one.

“If you cross the border undocumented, [Trump] has now made you a criminal,” Menendez said on CNN. “If a person has a driving while under the influence (DUI) violation, he is now making that, saying that’s criminal.”

In previous administrations, ICE only detained and deported “violent” criminals, Menendez said.

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“Because he tears children away from their mothers and puts them all in detention facilities, he has an over-demand as a result of his policy, so it’s his policy that’s driving this,” Menendez continued.

Democrats wish to limit the bed cap in order to force ICE to focus on dangerous and violent criminals.

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