How We Will See President Trump’s Tax Returns

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How We Will See President Trump’s Tax Returns

Over and over I have asked why President Trump continues to block and obstruct anything related to Russia. If where this is smoke there is fire, then this is a forest fire.

A little-known violation of the U.S. Constitution has President Trump’s tax returns front and center.

Remember, the same tax returns the President said dozens of times he would release, but once he won the election, President Trump made clear he would never release his tax returns. If that’s not a sign that there is Russian money involved, I don’t know what is.

At issue is the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution which prohibits federal government officials from receiving benefits from foreign or state governments, unless approved first by Congress.

The focus is on President Trump’s Washington, D.C., hotel and obtaining financial records tied into the hotel and the President.

The lawsuit involves the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia.

During any lawsuit, parties involved are subject to what is known as “discovery.” Discovery pertains to documents relevant to the case.

For example, in a family law case, relevant documents are tax returns, bank statements, and other financial documents. The same applies to President Trump and the pending lawsuits with the Emoluments Clause.

U.S. District Judge Peter J. Messitte had previously ruled that the lawsuit against President Trump and the Emoluments Clause can proceed and now, the Justice Department is appealing Judge Messitte’s ruling. I wonder why?

The Justice Department is desperately trying to prevent the President’s financial records from being disclosed, even saying in a court filing that doing so is of “public interest is decidedly in favor of a stay because any discovery would necessarily be a distraction to the President’s performance of his constitutional duties.”

A distraction? With all things considered, really? I would think the Robert Mueller investigation is more distracting.

That argument won’t win, but of course, at issue at the end of the day is the Supreme Court and if Brett Kavanaugh gets appointed.

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