Hurry Up and Take Your Time- Rudy Giuliani


Hurry Up and Take Your Time- Rudy Giuliani

It seemed every day that Rudy Giuliani was doing his media rounds, he was saying that Robert Mueller, special counsel in the Russia probe, had to hurry with his investigation. Hell, he even said once “write that damn report.” Of course, Giuliani has no legal authority to make such a demand, but it sure does make for a good soundbite. Imagine if back in the day when Giuliani was a federal prosecutor, a defense attorney called Giuliani and told him to hurry up with an investigation.


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Rudy Guiliani- Write that Damn Report

Giuliani is continuing to make demands on Robert Mueller, now he is saying that Robert Mueller needs to “write that damn report.” Based on what legal authority?


Then again, President Trump and Giuliani did an unprecedented move with the Mueller investigation; they tried their case in public, the court of public opinion.

Those statements could come back to haunt them because every statement ever made is subject to scrutiny and could even be interpreted as obstruction of justice, which would be a much easier charge to prosecute than collusion with Russia.

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It is Obstruction of Justice

If I am the President of the United States and I tell you to end an investigation where I am the one being investigated, is that obstruction of justice? Of course.


To understand Giuliani and President Trump, focus on the opposite of what they say. This was always about delaying the investigation. Forever sounds just about right.

Whether a face-to-face interview is in the works, we will find out, but even Trump is now saying in his latest Fox interview that he will answer “some” questions. Not all, just some. Trust me, the President is working hard at not being the first President to ever plead the Fifth because the optics on that is as bad as it comes. And if we are to take Trump at his own words, don’t forget when he said at a campaign rally.

“If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

He should probably ask that question to Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn.

Since it is the month of the witch, Trump is waiting for November to start up again with his “witch hunt” rhetoric.

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Hi. I’m President Trump and I Just Committed Obstruction of Justice

Today, the Tweeter in Chief, President “there was no collusion,” okay, maybe there was, but it’s not a crime.


President Trump Commits Obstruction of Justice- Again

How many charges of obstruction of justice the President could face is endless. There is the obvious and very direct firing of FBI Director James Comey.

There are indirect attempts at obstructing justice with constant public attacks on Jeff Sessions who recused himself from the Robert Mueller investigation and appointed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosentein.


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