I Can Do Whatever I Want – President Trump

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures and declares “You’re fired!” at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, June 17, 2015. REUTERS/Dominick Reuter.

I Can Do Whatever I Want – President Trump

Want to know what delusional or at least the illusion of absolute power is? You don’t have to look far.

President Trump was asked what if the Democrats take over the House and they go after his tax returns. The President’s response:

“I don’t care. They can do whatever they want, and I can do whatever I want.”

Note to Mr. President: you could not be more clueless about the laws of the United States. The fact is absolute power and dictatorships do not exist in the United States, regardless of the incredible power you wield. As a matter of fact, the lawsuits pending with the Emoluments Clause will result in plaintiffs getting your taxes though standard discovery.

Of course, Trump’s legal team has or will file motions in opposition to releasing his taxes and financial documents, which is completely standard to provide such documents in civil lawsuits.

The basic question remains the same: why won’t the President just reveal his taxes? Seriously? What’s the big deal? You could try the fake argument of well, he’s being audited and so he can’t. That’s a made- up law. Just ask Warren Buffet who released his tax returns in the middle of an audit to prove a point.

Then there is the lying issue. How many times did President Trump say he was going to release his taxes during the 2016 campaign? Probably more than rounds of golf he’s played as President. Remember when he said he would never play golf, etc. Why bother explaining it.

Regardless, the next day that Trump took up residence in the White House, Kellyanne Conway was the first one to state that the President was not going to release his taxes and Trump confirmed that.

See, here is the thing: Trump tells you what you want to hear in the moment. The future is of no consequence. Fact is, Mueller most likely already has Trump’s tax returns and if he doesn’t, like I said, the Emoluments Clause lawsuits will take care of it. No one is above the law.

Then again, below is an example of the President inserting his foot in his mouth. That tweet was used against Trump to allow the Emoluments Clause lawsuit to proceed since the other argument is the President cannot be distracted.

And trust me, the President’s tweets will be used as well for obstruction of justice charges.

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How We Will See President Trump’s Tax Returns

Over and over I have asked why President Trump continues to block and obstruct anything related to Russia. If where this is smoke there is fire, then this is a forest fire.

A little-known violation of the U.S. Constitution has President Trump’s tax returns front and center.


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It is Obstruction of Justice

If I am the President of the United States and I tell you to end an investigation where I am the one being investigated, is that obstruction of justice? Of course.

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