I Don’t Want to Go to Jail – Michael Flynn

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I Don’t Want to Go to Jail – Michael Flynn

Last week Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed Michael Flynn’s sentencing memo regarding his cooperation with the Russia probe. Flynn filed his response to the memo on Tuesday.

Guess what? No different than Michael Cohen, Flynn wants a free ride. So far, it doesn’t look like Cohen will get one as federal prosecutors are asking for several years, but with Flynn, maybe.

Mueller has not objected to Flynn serving no jail time, even recommending it. We can only imagine the full details that Flynn has provided to Mueller since they met nineteen times.

Besides no jail time, Flynn wants probation not to exceed one year and 200 hours of community service. On December 18 the judge will make his ruling.

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The sentencing memo may be seen below. If the image does not appear correctly, then it may be seen via this link in PDF format

Read the Michael Flynn Sentencing Memo Filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Below is the sentencing memo submitted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Michael Flynn. While the document is heavily redacted, it continues to provide insight as to Mueller’s investigation which clearly indicates that Flynn continues to provide information on “ongoing investigations.”

Now with Flynn still cooperating, the same for Michael Cohen who is scheduled to be sentenced next week, the question is when will we see Paul Manafort’s memo because in it, Mueller would have to explain what lies specifically were told by Manafort.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

Read James Comey’s Testimony

Former FBI director James Comey testified on Friday in a closed door hearing with House Republicans, a desperate move no doubt because Republican’s lose the House at the end of the month and the investigation will end when Democrats take over.

But, with Mueller’s investigation picking up even more steam, Republicans need a shiny object to throw in the corner.

First on the list, pure showboating by the Republicans, is the constant claim that Comey is BFF with Special Counsel Mueller as Trump has tweeted endlessly that they are on “hugging and kissing” terms.

It’s not only a stupid accusation, it’s irrelevant as in Washington, everyone knows everyone and Mueller isn’t dumb enough to sacrifice his investigation because of a “friendship” with Comey. Just ask former Trump attorney John Dowd how that worked for the President because he thought since they were both Marines all would be good.

Apparently, it wasn’t and Dowd is an idiot for thinking that. Fact is, on the Marine Corp website, the first value is “honor.

In an interview with the Daily Caller which is a fake news site founded by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and of all places that’s where President Trump likes to do his interviews, he said that “and he’s Comey’s best friend, and I could give you a hundred pictures of him and Comey hugging and kissing each other. You know he’s Comey’s bestfriend.’”

Where’s that photo? Nowhere! But I wouldn’t put it past the President that he saw a pic photoshopped online and believes it’s true.

Republicans, instead of focusing more on the revelations of Special Counsel Mueller’s filing on Michael Cohen and his efforts to illegally sway the election in favor of President Trump, Republicans were more interested in discussing Hillary Clinton’s emails as they are dying to open-up an investigation on her to distract from the Mueller probe.

For Republicans that continue to disrupt the Mueller investigation or create false narratives such as Devin Nunes who tops that list, followed by Senator Mitch McConnell who blocks every move to protect the Mueller investigation and of course Trey Gowdy, I look forward to the truth coming out on them and their un-American efforts to not only stop Mueller, but prevent the truth from coming out.

Comey’s transcript in full can be seen via this link.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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