I Hate to Agree With Jerome Corsi, But He’s Right

Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone continue their public intimidation campaign against each other disguised as a public spat.

In Corsi’s latest interview, he warns that Stone “shouldn’t underestimate” the scale of evidence held by special counsel Robert Mueller in the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

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For the record, even though Corsi blocked me on Twitter, I’m not afraid to admit that when he or someone else is right, they are right.

Stone has already taken to making the investigation into a clown show in an act of superficial defiance.

Fact is, Stone was terrified of laying his conspiratorial head on his pillow on Thursday nights for fear that come morning, Mueller would be knocking on his door, and that’s exactly what happened.

Besides the clown show, Stone’s arrogance and penchant for grandstanding will be his downfall. But, such is the price to pay after spreading rumors, destroying lives and relationships for more than four decades, what I call a large dosage of political Karma.

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In Corsi’s interview with Fox News, he said “they are extremely thorough. They have everything.”

“Roger shouldn’t underestimate that every communication he had—telephone, email, who he met with in person—[is in possession of Mueller]. The Mueller team…has endless resources. So Roger should go in this fully prepared, understanding that he is not going to be able to dodge the evidence that I’m sure Mueller has.”

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And yet, Stone continues to do media interviews and just like Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, he says one thing today and another tomorrow to muddy the waters and create confusion among his followers, trying to win in the court of public opinion. I would worry more about the court of law.

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