I Received a Summons for a Pre-Trial Conference. Now What


If you are being sued by a collection agency, typically CACH LLC, Portfolio Recovery Associates, and/or Midland Funding, LLC, you may have been served with a Summons to Appear for an upcoming hearing date.

The Summons will mention a pre-trial conference. What is that? Here is what you need to know.

First and foremost, you must appear. Do not ignore the Summons. Consult with an experienced attorney to decide what is the next step.

At the pre-trial conference, the attorneys for the collection agencies will be there and will try to reach a settlement with you. For example, “x” amount monthly until the debt is paid in full.

That could be the end of the case if the parties reach an agreement that day, or if there was a recent bankruptcy filed, that will also end the case for now, assuming your bankruptcy case was approved.

If you received a summons from a collection agency, contact attorney Alex Hernandez for a free consultation to determine the next cause of action.

Attorney Alex Hernandez

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