“I Then Placed Myself Underneath his Lifeless Body”

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Aalayah Eastmond, student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES/ART BY AIMEE SY

I Then Placed Myself Underneath his Lifeless Body

Aalayah Eastmond is one of the survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

She was invited to testify at the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh and her testimony focused on her experiences at the mass shooting, including having to take cover underneath the dead body of one of her classmates. Try putting that into perspective.

Eastmond isn’t Seal Team Six. She’s a high school kid. Think back to your time in high school and imagine having to deal with the trauma of that day and don’t forget where she was; at a school where she is supposed to be safe. Not one child in the world deserves that.

“I followed every movement of his body. When he fell over, I fell over with him. I then placed myself underneath his lifeless body. Placing his arm across my body and my head underneath his back. Bullets continued flying.” Eastmond had placed her body under that of Nicholas Dworet.

Eastman also testified about Brett Kavanaugh and Fred Guttenberg.

 “If he doesn’t even have the decency to shake hands with the father of a victim, he definitely won’t have the decency to make life-changing decisions that affect real people.”

Of course, contrary to what Trump supporters say, it is more than obvious in both photos and videos that Brett Kavanaugh made no attempt to shake hands with Fred Guttenberg whose daughter Jaime was killed at the mass shooting.

Eastmond also testified about calling her mother.

“I immediately called my mom. I told her my last goodbye, and I told her how much I loved her. I apologized for all the things I might’ve done in my lifetime to upset her, and the phone hung up. I then called my father, I told him how much I loved him, I told him to tell my brothers I love them, and I said my last goodbyes.”

If you cannot understand the concept behind reasonable gun control, it’s because you lack empathy and a whole lot of common sense. Re-read that last paragraph and try to put yourself in Eastmond’s position and that of her mother’s.

“They called the police over, and they began picking body matter from my hair.”

Yet, some of you are so ignorant to believe that these are paid “crisis actors.” If not, you try to distract from the topic by asking who is paying for these students to travel the country and advocate gun laws.

Most of you point the finger to George Soros. So here is my question- so what and how is that relevant? A politician can travel the country advocating a topic or even themselves for office, but victims of a mass shooting cannot?

If it is not that, you actually advocate putting former veterans at the schools. How many veterans will be at the schools and who is paying for this that will add hundreds of millions of dollars to the budget?

Not to mention the common sense part of it that if a veteran is on one side of the property and I’m on the other, I can take out fifty people with an assault weapon by the time he/she gets there.

When that argument fails, some actually support the absurd concept of arming teachers. Great idea; raise our children in a military, prison, dictatorship-like environment. Where is the logic in that?

By the way, who were your teachers in high school? Chuck Norris and John Rambo? I could think of at most from grammar school, junior high, high school, two colleges and one law school, maybe two or three teachers that actually had the possibility of taking out a mass shooter.

And just ask a cop how he likes the idea of running into a room where everyone has a firearm and he is trying to figure out who the bad guy is.

If it happens to you and your loved ones, trust me, you would be standing right next to the victims of the Parkland shooting advocating the same. That’s usually what it takes.

Oh, I know, the Second Amendment and a “well regulated militia.” Right, because you will rise up one day if need be to fight against the government. You are truly ignoring the fact that citizens could never win a battle/war against the government. It’s absurd. One drone would take care of all of you. You are bringing a #2 pencil to a tank fight.

Shame on all of you that have insulted, berated, and shared fake memes and stories about the students from Parkland.

And more thing, stop spreading that meme of Hitler and how to control citizens by disarming them. Hitler never said that, but then again, if you depend on memes for the news, that explains everything.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
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