If You Break It- You Don’t Have to Fix it

bears ears national monument location
Bears Ears National Monument. Bureau of Land Management

If You Break It- You Don’t Have to Fix it

President Trump’s policies aren’t that difficult to figure out- whatever President Obama did, he will do the opposite.


Imagine you hire a plumber and because this plumber is clumsy, somehow, he manages to knock over your television, cracking the screen, and the same happened with your cell phone and laptop. What is the logical response to this? The plumber fixes that what he broke or at least pay to replace your personal belongings, unless it is a plumber working for the Trump Administration.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has reversed another Obama era rule that required companies to pay for damages they did to land. Sounds reasonable enough. If you break it, you fix it. This doctrine was known as the “Mitigation Policy.”

There is no denying the steps Trump’s administration has taken against protecting land, wildlife, and national monuments.

Studies already show that naming monuments like Bear Ears National Monument resulted in increased tourism and even vandalism was reduced. Trump however, reduced the size of Bears Ears National Monument by eighty percent in order to gain access to fossil rich land and Grand Staircase Escalante was reduced by fifty percent. Grand Staircase Escalante was originally named a national monument by former President Bill Clinton in 1996.

This is no different than when I wrote about the $12 billion in farm aid in order to compensate for the impact of Trump’s tariffs on the farming industry. It just creates a false economy, but, Trump and the White House could always say they created more jobs.

Building Trump hotels and golf courses on protected land would also create more jobs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good idea.

Multiple lawsuits have been filed in opposition, including by American tribes.

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