I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff, & Lie. President Trump & the Caravan

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Honduran migrants walking towards the Mexico border.

I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff, & Lie. President Trump & the Caravan

President Trump lying is nothing new and using exaggerations that border on a lie isn’t either. This week with the caravan of migrants pushing towards the Mexico border, Trump not only accused the Democrats of supporting the caravan, he continues with the rhetoric that Democrats love open borders. No they don’t. They have never said that.

But besides his talking points to get his base riled up with the midterm elections coming up, President Trump is also threatening to send the U.S. Military to the border to shut it down. The problem, he can’t do that. So, either Trump is lying which isn’t good, or still doesn’t understand the power the Presidency has and doesn’t have. That’s not good either.

President Trump needs to declare a national emergency and get congressional approval in order to send the military to the border. Congress isn’t approving that. The President could however, employ the National Guard as prior administrations have done.

Of course, as you can see with my tweet, the President continues with his racist remarks, but then again, hypocrisy is a word removed from Trump’s dictionary.

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