I’m Telling You- Roger Stone Wants to Be in Prison

Over and over again, I’ve argued that Paul Manafort wanted to go and stay in prison because that is the only safe place for him.

Now, I’m seeing the same from Roger Stone.

Stone already posted on Instagram a photo of Judge Amy Jackson with crosshairs behind her, that resulted in Judge Jackson issuing a full gag order.

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Then, this past week Stone commented to various media outlets that the statements made by Michael Cohen to the House Oversight Committee were false. That most definitely could be considered a violation of the gag order.

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Yesterday, Stone posted on Instagram a meme of “Who framed Roger Stone” a spin on “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” Within twenty-four hours, Stone deleted the picture.

Now, Robert Mueller does have the option of filing a contempt motion against Stone for violating the court order. What if he doesn’t?

Then I would argue that is being done on purpose because that means Mueller knows Stone is being threatened and the more pressure applied to him, the more likely he will flip. The only issue with that is Stone would make for a horrible witness.

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