Immigration- September 2018

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September 2018

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Thousands of Deportation Cases Being Dismissed

Courts throughout the country are experiencing one of two things: either immigration authorities fail to put a court date on the notice or a court date is listed without having it been scheduled with the courts.


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Jeff Sessions Should Know Better

In total, forty-four new immigration judges were appointed which is the largest amount ever at one given time. The Trump Administration’s goal is to increase the amount of judges by fifty percent while at the same time reducing the backlog of cases in half.


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Atlanta Mayor Ends I.C.E. Contract

Keisha Lance Bottoms is the mayor of Atlanta. Earlier this week, she issued an executive order ending the city’s agreement with I.C.E.


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Trump to Detain Immigrants Even Longer

Now, the Trump administration is abandoning the court ruling and is looking to detain families until their case goes to court.


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Heartless Donald Trump, Jr. and Mollie Tibbetts

President Trump and his inner circle immediately took advantage of Tibbetts’ murder to push their immigration agenda. In a country where everything is now politicized, murder is no different, regardless of respect to the family of the victims. In this case, Tibbett’s father is speaking out publicly.

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