Immigration Updates to Form I-693

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With constant changes with immigration forms and requirements, please consult with an experienced immigration attorney.

Immigration Updates to Form I-693

Effective November 1, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has changed a requirement for obtaining a green card as it relates to the medical and vaccination examination.

Form I-693 is a requirement for all seeking an adjustment of status to that of a LPR (Legal Permanent Resident). However, per a policy update on US Customs and Immigration Services website, the I-693 form must be signed by a civil surgeon designated by the USCIS no later than 60 days before the filing of the underlying application. The form will also remain valid for a two-year-period from the date it was signed by the doctor.

Previously, by the time Immigration was ready to complete an application, the I-693 form was invalid and an updated medical report was required.

Remember, under Trump’s administration, deadlines and requirements are getting more and more strict, so make sure to calculate correctly all timelines.

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  • Form I-693 is available via this link.
  • United States Customs and Immigration policy change can be found via this link.

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