Impeachment Trials Set for Entire West Virginia’s Supreme Court

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View of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.

Impeachment Trials Set for Entire West Virginia’s Supreme Court

Here is something you never see except in the movies, the entire Supreme Court in West Virginia is either being impeached or has resigned.

Next month the impeachment trials of the Supreme Court Justices will be held in the West Virginia Senate thanks to a vote in the Senate of 19-15 to reject a resolution dropping the impeachment proceedings.

With a four vote difference, there’s no doubt partisan politics is being played instead of focusing on whether the Justices acted inappropriately or not.

Trial dates are set as follows on charges of corruption, incompetence, and neglect:


  • October 1st for Justice Walker who spent $113,000 on office renovations;
  • October 15 for Justice Workman who also spent $113,000;
  • October 29 for Justice Davis who spent $503,000 on renovating his office;
  • November 15 for Justice Allen Loughry, $367,000 in office renovtions.

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