Indictment of Michael Flynn’s Business Partner and Associate

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Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has been cooperating with Special Counsel Mueller and is scheduled for sentencing in March of 2019.

Indictment of Michael Flynn’s Business Partner and Associate

Bijan Rafiekian

Rafiekian is the former business partner of Michael Flynn at his consulting firm called Flynn Intel Group. Rafiekian has been charged with conspiracy to act as an agent for a foreign government. 

Kamil Ekim Alptekin

Alptekin was the vice-chairman of the Flynn Intel Group. He has also been charged for illegally lobbying for the extradition of a Turkish national (Fethullah Gulen) who has been a frequent critic of the Turkish government.

Michael Flynn wrote an op-ed piece for The Hill criticizing Gulen and comparing him to Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini. Flynn had lied to FBI investigators about his contact(s) with Turkish officials.

To avoid registering as a foreign agent, Flynn used Alptekin’s company as the client, when in actually it was the Turkish government.

The indictments filed by the Justice Department can be seen below.

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