Interesting Week Ahead in Trump World

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Trial of a witch, wood engraving, 1892. (Photo by Universal History Archive/Getty Images)

Interesting Week Ahead in Trump World

You probably have yet to recover from the Trump hangover from last week, but load up on your carbs, drink plenty of water, take a couple of aspirins and settle in, because this week isn’t going to be any better.

Zero Tolerance Policy

July 26. Mark that date on your calendar.

President Trump’s zero tolerance immigration policy faces a new challenge this week, and that is to reunite more than 2,500 families that have been separated.

So far, four hundred fifty families with children age five or more have been reunited. Fifty-seven of one hundred three children under the age of five have also been reunited.

However, at issue is how children will be reunited with their parents if the parents have already been deported back to their country.

Will the Trump Administration be able to comply with the deadline ordered by Judge Dana Sabraw? What are the consequences if Trump’s administration can’t meet the July 26 deadline?Here is a suggestion: start holding officials accountable as they do in courts across the country ever hour of every day. A contempt ruling would be a step in the right direction and that will get their attention.

Along with the deadline, a final report has to be submitted by 3 p.m.

Paul Manafort

Who would have guessed that three hundred plus years later, history would repeat itself with the Salem Witch Trials.

This week starts the trial of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, who has been awaiting his trial in a jail cell since last month since his bond was revoked for witness tampering. This is one of two cases Manafort has pending, with this case focusing bank fraud charges (eighteen in total). This is the first trial as a result of the Robert Mueller investigation. In total, thirty-two people have been indicted so far.

If found guilty on all charges, Manafort is facing three hundred years in prison. However, is this all for show because a Presidential Pardon is on the horizon? Maybe so, but remember, President Trump’s pardon power applies only to federal convictions, which means that individual states could file charges on their own against Manafort.

It is also possible that we are witnessing a game of high stakes legal poker where Manafort is pushing for trial in order to get a a better plea deal at the last second.

Any bets on whether President Trump will be tweeting all week about the “witch hunt” and stating how great the trial is going?
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