It’s Five O’Clock Everywhere Today

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Tequila- in honor of Mexico.

It’s Five O’Clock Everywhere Today

Today’s news was at a break-neck speed. As we know, following the Trump Administration, we need plenty of coffee to get through the day, and alcohol at the end of the day.

Today for Happy Hour News- the drink of the day is Tequila- in honor of Mexico that apparently, hasn’t paid for the border wall. The check is in the mail I hear.


Michael Cohen

At one point, Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former attorney, was the news of the day, but at almost the same time Cohen took a guilty plea and is now a convicted felon, Paul Manafort was found guilty as well.

You decide which one is a bigger deal. I’ll go with Cohen for one simple reason: he implicated President Trump today in campaign finance law violations.

Enjoy Michael Cohen’s tweet below.

Paul Manafort Found Guilty

Paul Manafort has been found guilty on eight of the eighteen charges. Ten charges were declared a mis-trial by Judge Ellis.

Manafort was convicted of five tax fraud charges, two bank fraud charges, and one charge of a foreign bank account not be declared.

Bottoms Up!

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