It’s Déjà vu All Over Again with Florida and the Recounts

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It’s Déjà vu All Over Again with Florida and the Recounts

Nothing like a quote from Yogi Berra to make you smile, but unfortunately, Flori-duh is back in the news for the wrong reason(s), bringing back negative memories of hanging chads and Bush-Gore.

With a recount underway, a deadline has been ordered that all 67 Florida counties must have ballots counted by Thursday of this week, even though the Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections has confirmed publicly that deadline cannot be met. It will be interesting to see the next step if the Palm Beach votes aren’t counted, something that the Republicans would want since Palm Beach county is blue. Most likely, the courts will have to decide this again if the Bush-Gore election serves as a roadmap.

Besides digging up the past, Florida’s recount for the midterm election reached a new milestone: the first time a recount is required for a U.S. Senate and Governor’s race. While the results are not official, in the governor’s race between former U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, there is a separation of 0.41 percentage points in favor of DeSantis, and in the Senate race, Governor Scott has a lead over Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson by 0.14 percentage points.

A third race has also resulted in a recount, and that is with Nikki Fried who has a 0.07 percentage point lead over Republican state Rep. Matt Caldwell for agriculture commissioner.

When the margin is less than .5 percentage points, automatically by state law a recount is required and if that results in a difference of .25%, then a hand recount is done.

Of course, now starts the mudslinging and the lies, starting with Rick Scott who said “he is trying to commit fraud to win this election. Bill Nelson’s a sore loser. He’s been in politics way too long.”

Granted, Scott said that on Fox News and trust me when I say what he and everyone else says on Fox versus CNN is night and day. I wonder why?

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has found no evidence of fraud as it relates to Governor Scott’s claim and now the Attorney General of Florida, Pam Bondi has written a letter to the FDLE asking why an investigation hasn’t been opened. Attorney General Bondi should know the answer to the question, but let’s simplify it for her.

As of today, I am not currently under investigation for anything. There’s a reason for that: because there’s no evidence that I have committed any crimes. See how simple that was? You can’t start an investigation without evidence of a crime. It’s called the law. Nothing but partisan politics. Then again, rumor is Bondi is being considered for the job of Attorney General which is currently being handled by Matthew Whitaker, so trust me, Bondi will continue to make a deal about everything as it relates to the recount.

Regardless of Governor Scott’s unfounded claims, he runs the state’s election division, no doubt stealing a page from Georgia’s Brian Kemp on supervising his own election. It’s time that Scott recuses himself as it relates to the vote count, but, we know that won’t happen voluntarily.

The hypocrisy of it all like always is the Republicans don’t want a recount, but have no problem with one being done in Fried’s case and when George Bush won Florida over Al Gore by the miniscule amount of 537 votes, no one was complaining.

There is a reason I enjoyed Dan Rather’s tweet that explained it all so simply.

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