It’s Not Getting Any Better for Paul Manafort

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If you grew up in Miami as a UM Hurricane fan, you know all too well the tragedy of the Doug Flutie, Boston College Hail Mary pass in 1984.

It’s Not Getting Any Better for Paul Manafort

It’s only the second quarter, and Paul Manafort keeps throwing “Hail Mary’s.”

Today we now for sure, that everyday it is getting worse Manafort who is living in La La Land if he thinks he can avoid a conviction. Maybe he gets a presidential pardon from Trump, but to be honest, with so many players caught in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, that’s like trying to create a ripple in the ocean.

At this point, a verdict of “not guilty” is about as probable as Trump not lying from here on out.

Washkuhn is a bookkeeper for Manafort who made clear in her testimony that Rick Gates was involved in Manafort’s business, but not his personal expenses.

“Manafort approved every penny of everything we paid…” Washkuhn.

What made today worse for Manafort, Trumps former campaign manager, is that one of his tax preparers, Laporta, testified that she used $900,000 in foreign income as a loan in order to reduce Manafort’s tax liability. She also testified that she did so because she was pressured by Rick Gates.

Laporta went on to testify that in the phone conference with Gates, it was clear Manafort could not afford the tax liability. Laporta was granted immunity for Manafort’s trial.

Laporta also testified on falsifying financial records in order to qualify Manafort for mortgages which included one property claimed to be his primary residence instead of a rental. Banks will charge a higher interest rate on rental properties as well as require a larger down payment.

Of course, Manafort using the Bart Simpson defense of “I didn’t do it. No one saw me do it. They can’t prove anything,” is failing YUGELY. Manafort’s entire defense is blaming Rick Gates.

Another accountant, Philip Ayliff, testified that multiple times Manafort denied controlling the foreign bank accounts.

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