January is Divorce Month


Nationwide, family law attorneys know that in the month of January, divorce filings increase. Not surprisingly, this is known as “divorce month” and even studies confirm that there is as much as a 1/3 increase in divorces this time of year.

For example, on Pinterest, searches for “divorce party” increases 21% during this time of year. Google Trends also sees an increase. But, as much as studies were conducted to confirm this, the fact is, one only has to ask a divorce lawyer.

Why Do Divorces Increase in January

Well, for one it could be something as simple as a New Year’s Resolution and moving on and ending a bad relationship. But, you need to analyze the underlying cause or reasons why.

My experience has been that clients simply don’t file for divorce in December for several reasons. For one is the costs. It’s the holidays and people are spending their hard-earned money on gifts for friends and family.

Two, if they have children, December definitely isn’t a good time of year to file for divorce.

The third group of people who file in January in my opinion after consulting with thousands of clients, is simply that the holidays was the last-ditch effort to save the relationship. While there is holiday stress, if a couple cannot get along during the holidays, that is usually when the parties reach the decision to end the relationship.

Oddly enough, divorces that started throughout the year, as the holidays are approaching, clients to start ask is it possible to finalize the divorce before the end of the year to “start fresh.”

But, it’s not just divorces. With tax season upon us, bankruptcy lawyers also see an uptick in clients because clients take advantage of receiving a tax refund to hire bankruptcy attorneys.

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