Jeff Bezos’ Move Could Put David Pecker in Prison and Expose Trump

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, reversed the tables on AMI, the parent company of the National Enquirer headed by David Pecker, by doing his own version of a reverse “catch and kill.” We’ll call it “catch and expose.”

The National Enquirer had sent emails to Bezos threatening to expose nude photos and text messages between him and his lover, Lauren Sanchez if the Washington Post failed to write a flattering story about the National Enquirer.

Instead, Bezos went public with the communications.

Pecker as we know, is or at least was, very good friends with President Trump, always writing favorable stories about him and running negative stories on Hillary Clinton.

For years if not decades, Pecker was covering up for Trump by buying stories, thus owning the rights, and never publishing the actual story known as “catch and kill.” Former Playboy model Karen McDougal’s affair with President Trump is the perfect example.

As a result, Pecker and AMI (American Media, Inc.) got into trouble with the Manhattan US Attorney’s Office for campaign finance violations for paying McDougal $150,000.

Under the deal, as is standard, no additional crimes can be committed. Those emails to Bezos could be considered “extortion” and if that is case, the plea deal is scrapped and Pecker will face jail time for his violation of campaign finance laws, plus extortion charges.

What makes this story even more interesting is the Trump connection. It’s no secret that President Trump has it in for Bezos. The question remains was Trump involved in any way?

In Bezos’ blog post, he refers to Saudi Arabia and Pecker was trying to get funding from the Saudis.

Remember, Jamal Khashoggi was brutally murdered in the Saudi Arabia consulate and the CIA concluded Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered Khashoggi’s assassination. Khashoggi was a journalist for the Washington Post.

This conclusion was disputed by President Trump even though Republicans and Democrats accepted the CIA’s conclusion and Trump hasn’t taken any actions against the Saudis, instead pushing forward with an arms deal.

We are now looking at the possibility that Bezos’ extramarital affair may bring down Pecker, the National Enquirer and President Trump.

Keep in mind that Bezos is the richest person in the world, which means he has more than enough money to pursue his own investigations in order to hand off that information to Congress and federal prosecutors.

Below is Pecker’s plea deal. Paragraph 2 on the second page refers to subsequent crimes.

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