Jeff Sessions Should Know Better

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Jeff Sessions Should Know Better

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who obviously is an attorney, spoke to a group of recently appointed immigration judges and said the opposite of impartiality.

“Good lawyers using all their talents and skills work every day … like water seeping through an earthen dam to get around the plain words of (immigration law) to advance their clients’ interests. And we understand that. Their duty, however, is not to uphold the integrity of the act. That’s our duty.”

“Just as we defend immigrant legal rights, we reject unjustified and sometimes fake claims. The law is never serviced when deceit is rewarded so that the fundamental principles of the law are defeated.”

Let’s just forget the fact that immigration judges are a separate branch of government from the Department of Justice and since federal judges are appointed for life except in bankruptcy court where terms are fourteen years, the reality is Immigration Judges are likely to close a case when they feel they are ready to.

In total, forty-four new immigration judges were appointed which is the largest amount ever at one given time. The Trump Administration’s goal is to increase the amount of judges by fifty percent while at the same time reducing the backlog of cases in half.

Nationwide, there has been an increase of 38% in immigration cases per a study by Syracuse University. California leads the nation with a backlog of 140,676 cases.

Then you wonder why President Trump is not giving a 2% pay increase to more than 1.8 million federal employees.

Sessions has already required judges to close 700 cases per year, an arbitrary quota since this doesn’t take into consideration numerous factors on why cases legally may be delayed.

Meanwhile, they should do a study on the backlog of criminal court and family law cases pending nationwide. Trust me, it’s bad and funds would be better used for that.

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