Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Session

Jeff Sessions is the 84th Attorney General of the United States, appointed by President Trump.From 1997-2017, Sessions was the Senator of Alabama.

As of November 7, 2018, Sessions resigned and President Trump has appointed Matthew Whitaker as the acting Attorney General. Whitaker was Sessions’ Chief of Staff.


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Jeff Sessions Caved to Trump and Ordered the Investigation of Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and the Uranium 1 deal. See the Proof.

New evidence proves that President Trump ordered an investigation into Hillary Clinton.

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Attorneys to Congress- Protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller

With Jeff Sessions forced to retire, concerns continue to grow over Robert Mueller being fired. Now, more than 1,600 attorneys nationwide have signed a letter directed to Congress to protect the Robert Mueller investigation

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Jeff Sessions Gone- What Now with Robert Mueller

Next, is Matthew Whitaker, Sessions’ Chief of Staff and now Trump flunky, and if you think I’m exaggerating, Whitaker’s associates are saying that he will NOT accept any subpoenas for the President.

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Attorney General Sessions’ Statement on the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

Attorney General Jeff Sessions released his statement in regards to the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

trump sessions, trump twitter, trump news todayChaos Still Surrounds Jeff Sessions

Just this past week, Senator Graham said President Trump joked with him about replacing Jeff Sessions, now it is being reported Trump spoke to Sessions’ Chief of Staff about the position.

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Jeff Sessions Should Know Better

In total, forty-four new immigration judges were appointed which is the largest amount ever at one given time. The Trump Administration’s goal is to increase the amount of judges by fifty percent while at the same time reducing the backlog of cases in half.

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Jeff Sessions at a Trump rally.

Jump- How High? Jeff Sessions

Aider and abettor Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be meeting with Attorney Generals from numerous states to discuss social media and “intentionally stifling” free speech. Why? Because President Trump’s latest shiny object is that Google is “rigged” against him.

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President Trump Blasts Jeff Sessions

With the Trump Train derailing, President Trump is trying everything he can to have Sessions quit so he can replace him with a flunky that will fire Robert Mueller, this, even though the President has made clear that he will not fire Sessions until after the mid-term elections.

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Flip Flopper Senator Lindsey Graham

President Trump by far, would be the worst poker player in history. He telegraphs his next move like a nervous tick, and his latest attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions is political payback for Sessions recusing himself from the Mueller probe.

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President Trump’s Spat with Jeff Sessions Continues

In an interview this week with Fox News, President Trump publicly attacked his appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions for the umpteenth time, this time questioning his manhood.

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Jeff Sessions Wants Immigration Cases Sped Up

The Mexico food loving, but Mexican hating Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues with his anti-immigration policies by signing an interim order that requires immigration judges to speed up cases.

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Miami Chosen By Jeff Sessions and Department of Justice for New Crime Program

Of course, we already know this is another way to hunt down immigrants that will be swooped up in the Administration’s large deportation net since Miami is not a sanctuary city. Thanks to Mayor Carlos Gimenez, an immigrant himself born in Havana, Cuba. Let me guess; he’s looking for a federal appointed position in the future.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Religious Liberty Task Force

First, Space Force. Now, the R.L.T.F. (Religious Liberty Task Force). I say R.L.T.F. because this sounds more like a religious SWAT team, if not a B-Grade sci-fi movie where religious zealots carry around guns and bibles and enforce religion. Actually, that’s what it is with government backing.

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Thanks Jeff Sessions- The World is Laughing At Us… Again

“Lock her up! Lock her up!” Really? Yes! Attorney General Jeff Sessions was speaking at a summit of conservative high school students when during his speech, chants of “lock her up” started. He laughed and even repeated the chant.

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