Jerome Corsi Goes off the Deep End

Just when I thought that the father of birtherism cannot get any crazier and come up with more conspiracies, he proves me wrong.

Jerome Corsi had previously filed an ethics complaint against Special Counsel Robert Mueller, good luck with that, and a lawsuit for “harassment” as well. But, why stop there?

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Now, Corsi amended his complaint to add Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to the lawsuit as well as Washington Post reporter Manuel Roig-Franzia. The Washington Post is owned by Bezos and we know a favorite target of President Trump.

Per Corsi, Special Counsel Mueller is leaking highly sensitive information to the media about grand jury proceedings. Corsi is represented by Larry Klayman, basically a carbon copy of Corsi but with a law degree.

Corsi’s amended complaint accuses Bezos and Roig-Franzia of working together to interfere with Corsi’s business relationships with InfoWars and InfoWars founder Alex Jones. Corsi used to be the bureau chief in Washington for InfoWars.

In return, Corsi is seeking $1.6 billion in punitive damages to compensate for the loss of income from InfoWars which was $15,000 per month. I don’t know how he jumped from $15k a month to a billion, but then again, I’m not a conspiracy theory lawyer either.

“The actions of defendant Jeff Bezos, the ultra-leftist and vehemently anti-Trump owner and publisher of WAPO, whose net worth is reported to be about $170 billion dollars, and at his direction his pliant reporter defendant Manuel Roig-Franzia, were also intended and did tortuously interfere, with and destroy the business relationships of plaintiff Corsi with Dr. David Jones, Alex Jones and InfoWars, thereby severely damaging Dr. Corsi,” the complaint states.

However, Infowars published an article in response saying Corsi was fired for poor performance and received six months severance pay. Poor performance on InfoWars? What does that mean? You didn’t come up with enough conspiracies in one week?

Here’s my prediction: Corsi’s civil lawsuit will be dismissed and he will owe attorney’s fees to Mueller. Corsi will also plea out his criminal case in order to flip on Roger Stone because he’s running out of time and money.

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