Jerome Corsi Pisses of Judge Amy Jackson – Bad Idea

I told you expect a circus when clowns Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone are the ring leaders.

In yet another baseless and frivolous complaint, Corsi filed another motion against Stone and Judge Amy Berman Jackson is having nothing of it.

Judge Jackson even issued an order striking the motion from the record.

“The would-be movant is not a party to this action, and the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure do not permit intervention in a criminal case, so there is no legal basis to grant him permission to file his motion,” stated Judge Jackson, further adding that “a criminal proceeding is not a free for all.”

Honestly, I have no idea what Larry Klayman, Corsi’s lawyer is even thinking as this is basic first year law school federal practice and procedure. If there is a violation of any order in a criminal case, then Corsi should take that up with federal prosecutors so that they file the appropriate charges.

Per Corsi, he wanted Stone to appear before the court because he noticed two cars parked near his New Jersey residence this week and he continues to make accusations that Stone is trying to intimidate him.

“Any legitimate reports alleging threats or tampering with witnesses, or violations by the defendant of the order that he not contact the movant, should be made promptly to the prosecution or appropriate law enforcement authorities,” she continued. “The Court’s docket is not the appropriate vehicle to bring matters to their attention.”

Corsi claimed that Stone “through these or other means, continued to harass and threaten me and my family to try to intimidate and coerce me not to tell the truth if I am called by the Special Counsel at his criminal trial.”

Then again, Corsi has accused Stone in a prior court filing that Stone is trying to force him into having a heart attack to prevent him from testifying. That article is below as well as the motion filed by Corsi.

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My question: people actually believe these two?

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